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This application keeps track of Students and Teachers, and the Courses and Classes they take or teach. Specific features of this application include: 1. A photograph of each student is stored in a BLOB field in the database (not in a separate file on disk). This photograph is then printed on each Students ID card. 2. Grades for a Mid-Term Exam, Final Exam, and a Term Paper are recorded for each class a Student takes. Final Grades for each class are calculated by adding the Mid-Term Exam, Final Exam (worth double), and Term Paper, then dividing the result by 4. These grades are calculated when printing the Final Grades report. 3.The Mid-Term Exam, Final Exam, and Term Paper grades can be updated using a Browse list demonstrating edit-in-place. Drag and drop techniques have been used every place an entry controls value should come from another data file. Check our site for latest updates and other exciting school projects.

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